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!نــــــصـــــــنــــــع الــــــذكــــــريـــــــات مـــــــع كـــــــل هـــــــديــــــــة
!نــــــصـــــــنــــــع الــــــذكــــــريـــــــات مـــــــع كـــــــل هـــــــديــــــــة

Gifting That Makes Every Social Event Memorable

Gifting for social occasions is an integral part of making the event truly special. Our experienced team is dedicated to selecting the perfect gift for each individual and put in the extra effort to ensure that the recipient will feel truly appreciated. From weddings to baby showers, birthdays and more, we curate gifts that reflect the occasion and your sincere gratitude for your guests. Get creative with luxury packaging, handwritten notes, and personalized messages for an extra special touch! Through thoughtful selection and personalization, we strive to make sure each guest feels cherished and loved just as much as we enjoyed making their gift.


This luxurious and unique wedding giveaway was a hit with the client in Dubai, rooted in Palestinian culture. After two fruitful meetings over Facetime, where the client browsed our selection and chose a few options, we then designed a digital sample for final approval. To create the perfect personalized gift for the bride and groom, we added a silver monogram to our signature handle boxes, filled with two olive wood and blue resin coasters. With the olive wood used in the coasters symbolizing Palestine's olive trees, this gift was easy to carry for guests and a perfect blend of 'something blue' and 'something cultural'. This gift was a success from production to shipping. The client's feedback? "They were a hit! Everyone was raving about them!" and the guests described them as different and unusual.

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“ Hi we just did the unboxing on zoom lol , She loved everything and commends you on a job well done with the wrapping. I think she loved the Jarra the most, she apparently collects ceramics so she was especially excited about that one. But really thank you for mking this such s special gift.”

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