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!حــــرف يـــدويـــة مــــصـــنـــوعــــة بــحـــب مــــحـــلـــي
!حــــرف يـــدويـــة مــــصـــنـــوعــــة بــحـــب مــــحـــلـــي

The Language of Gifts | The Language of Love!

Welcome to Chamber Gyld, the home for meticulously chosen, locally designed products, from furniture and artwork,
artisanal foods and scents, all under one roof. A place to find the best of what the local community has to offer!

Born in 2012, with the vision of building a single hub for local artisans and designers to showcase their work with a larger audience. Here at Chamber Gyld, we believe in the power of collaboration and the potential of what can be achieved when we come together. Our mission is to promote and support those who are passionate about their craft and to help them grow and flourish, foster a vibrant and creative culture.

Founded and staffed by, and for, women. We take pride in the familial atmosphere we’ve been able to construct with our network of local designers, partners, vendors and clients. We are committed to being conscientious in our product sourcing, and are dedicated to further inspire and support women-led entrepreneurs.

From women, with women, and for a community – this is the basis of Chamber Gyld.

We are proud to be a part of the local community and creative ecosystem, collaborating with outstanding designers, socially conscious brands, and extraordinary creatives from underprivileged backgrounds. Chamber Gyld is the platform for local endeavor.

We invite you to join us in our journey and experience Chamber Gyld. Let us show you why we are Amman’s premier destination for unique, creative and luxury gifting. Whatever the occasion, we sure have something perfect for you!


Owner and founder Zeena, with her background in fine arts and interior design, has combined her passion for beautiful things and her love for gift giving to create Chamber Gyld.

Zeena has a keen eye for beautiful items and takes pride in handpicking quality pieces and creating a diverse, eclectic and stylish selection of gifts. She has created a unique gifting experience and is dedicated to ensuring that each and every customer feels the same love and care that she puts into each and every gift she sends out.

Let Zeena help you find the perfect gift!

“I have always been intrinsically drawn to the joy found in the process of shopping
for the perfect item, the art of wrapping it and the pleasure of giving it,
building a special moment and a memory that lasts.
With Chamber Gyld, I love that I get to share that joy with you!”

Zeena AlAhmad

Supporting local creatives & socially conscious brands
while providing meaningful shopping experiences.


At Chamber Gyld, we believe in the power of giving and that it is an important part of the human experience. We provide our local artisans with a platform to showcase their handcrafted items and our clients with an array of gifts to make special moments. Our selection of thoughtful gifts is designed to make everyone feel special. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a wedding, anniversary, or corporate event - Chamber Gyld has something for everyone. We strive to make giving an enjoyable experience for both the giver and the receiver.

We invite you to express your sentiments through, the language of gifts – the language of love.


We believe in the power of local creatives and socially conscious brands and the impact they have on our community. Our mission is to foster and support those who are passionate about their crafts, helping them to flourish and reach their fullest potential. We provide an inclusive platform for them to share their ideas, products, and experiences, while offering customers an enjoyable shopping experience that will spark meaningful connections and heartfelt moments. From creative and thoughtful gift options to friendly customer service .

We invite you to join us in celebrating the artistry of our local creatives.



“Thank you for your prompt service”

“Thank you so much & thank you for your kind customer service & promptness”

“The reaction I got when my friend saw the gift is priceless! Thank you so much it’s sooo beautiful !”

“I really appreciate you creativity and getting out of your way to make it happen. Thanks a lot Zeena.”

“My mom received her gift and she is so happy, thank you for making her day!”

“Thank you so much for your amazing help! Love the packaging and everything.”

“I trust you! Not worried at all! Thank you so much.”

“ My friends was ecstatic about the gift and she said the package looked so beautiful and that it made her day! Thank you so much for your help!”

“Oh My God these boxes are brilliant!”

“You are out of this world , your taste is so refreshing ! Thank you”

“We are so happy about the gifts as if they’re for us ! Zeena I really enjoy working with you, you are such a sweet and nice person! You deserve the best ! Your work is beautiful and the journey of gifting with you is amazing!”


“Wooow ! Very Elegant ! Thank you“

“You are the best !!!”

“You gifts are so beautiful and I know they will be loved!”

“I’m in love with your products”

“Thank you so much what excellent customer service!!”

“You’re amazing with your unique gifts and thoughts. Blessings be over you”

“More people have to learn about your phenomenal services of sending gifts and how you never fail to impress me every single time, in every single occasion! My favourite gifting place in Amman!”

“Loving themmm Zeena you’re amazing”

“Hello Zeena, WOW1 The gifts look soo good!”

“I had friends call and say their mom will be using the items when she say one on one guests. Another said it was like a miracle because her brother wanted a Jarra for his room. The moms of my friends kept thanking profusely. They loved everything from the box to the items and appreciated the craft and design and beautiful color.“

“ Hi we just did the unboxing on zoom lol , She loved everything and commends you on a job well done with the wrapping. I think she loved the Jarra the most, she apparently collects ceramics so she was especially excited about that one. But really thank you for mking this such s special gift.”

“I really appreciate that you give local and small businesses that wonderful exposure in your shop”

“Yes ! We took some time to decide but thankfully you managed all. Looking forward to working with you again in the future.”

“Zeena you are absolutely amazing! I didn’t imagine they would look this great!”